Land Clearing and Tree Removal Service in North GA

Tree Removal Service in North GA

Tree Removal Service in Atlanta, GA

Are You In Need Of Full Tree Removal Service in North Georgia?
To decide if the limbs, trunk, stump, or the entire tree must be removed, consult a professional tree removal company. Full tree removal in north GA includes branch and trunk removal. Tree pruning or trimming service includes removal of only branches or limbs. Stump grinding should also be done for complete removal of the tree so that you can utilize the space for any other purpose.

Tree Removal Procedure
Professional tree removal procedure begins with identifying problems with the trees. Depending on these problems or defects, it would be decided if the trees need to be trimmed or removed completely. Heavy storms leading to severe tree injuries, diseased trees, cracked, dead, or weak trees and drought are some of the reasons why trees must be completely removed.

Clearance of the Area
All the vehicles, equipment and lawn ornaments should be removed out of the area to avoid damage from falling branches. Pets and children must be kept away from the area to avoid any accidental injury. Shrubs or plants near the tree must be cut off for easy navigation.

Stump Grinding
The tree company would grind the stump using high-tech, professional stump grinder. A stump grinder is a heavy machinery operated by a trained and experienced professional. Stump grinding goes sub soil and removes the entire stump and root system while leaving all grindings on site.  The cutting wheel spins at a high speed and grinds the tree stump.

Need For Professional Tree Removal Company

*If your trees are close to your neighbor’s property, the heavy branches may fall on the neighbor’s roof or any other structure. They may even cause physical damage. As a result, you would have to face liability issues.
*If the limbs of your tree are near power lines or underline cables, uprooting the tree may lead to damage of the lines and pipes. An electric shock is also possible!
*You do not have the knowledge about trees and also the equipments. You may not be able to climb tall trees.
*You may not know about the tree-cutting laws. You might need a tree pruning or tree removal permit for cutting certain trees.

Considering the above reasons, it is advisable for you to hire a Tree Cutting and Removal Service Company.

The perfect Tree Removal Service Company in North Georgia

GA State Land Clearing & Tree Service is your best choice. Our professional arborists climb the tallest and largest of trees and dissemble them perfectly without causing any damage to property or humans. They know how to check and mark cables, pipes and lines. These skilled workers remove the trees using special tree climbing gear and equipment. They are equipped with safety harness and a rope which are used for safety but also to lower large tree limbs down carefully to ensure you property isn’t damaged during the tree removal process.