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Each tree is unique as is each human. The growth and features of each tree are different from any other tree. Hence, every tree removal needs different method and approach. Always discuss with a tree consultant from an experienced, insured Tree Service Company about the method of removal of each tree. Let us go through some methods of tree removal in this article.


Methods Of Tree Removal

Tree Felling
This is the most popular method of removal. This is the traditional method by which the workers cut the tree’s trunk at the base level until it falls. This is a simple process that can be carried out just by using a chainsaw or axe with the workers being on the ground level. Professional calculation must be done to assess at which place the tree would fall, otherwise it may cause serious hazard to the people standing nearby. This method is suitable for trees standing in spacious areas and enough space for felling is available.

Trained workers climb on the tree and cut the tree in to sections and remove them starting from the top to bottom. They use a rigging cable to climb the tree and then cut off the branches and trunk segments. Then, they bring down the debris if needed. Climbing is more time consuming but is under the control of the workers to a greater extent than the process of felling. This method is suitable for trees standing amidst many buildings or many other trees where they cannot be felled safely.

Bucket Removal
This method is same as climbing in which the tree experts cut and clear away a tree by sections. The difference is that instead of a climbing gear, a bucket truck or a cherry picker is used that lifts workers so that they could cut the sections of the tree. The bucket removal process needs a truck and other special equipments. Preparation must be done beforehand. This method can be used to cut rotten trees on which the workers would be unable to climb.

Crane assisted removal is preferred when all the other three methods namely felling, climbing and bucket removal would be dangerous. A full-size crane pulls the tree from the ground. Workers are not directly involved in this method. Careful planning and execution with specialized equipments are carried out by professionals.

Expert for Tree Removal Canton GA

GA State Land Clearing and Tree Service uses all types of tree removal options choosing the best option that suits your need. We carefully inspect your trees and discuss with you about the method, budget, location of your property and the limitations. We decide the method to be chosen which ensures the safety of our employees. We inspect the trees and consider if trimming and pruning can save it. If we determine that your tree must be completely removed, we advise you which method is best. Our expert team will safely and efficiently remove the tree. Our services include tree removal, pruning or trimming, land clearing, stump removal, and other tree services. We extend our services all over Georgia and the surrounding areas.