A tree becomes a part of our family as it seems to be always watching you from your yard for many years. Removing it suddenly would give you the feeling of parting away from one of your loved ones. But you should make up your mind to remove it if there are threats of any potential damages to you and your property which can be devastating. Sometimes, your tree may just need some critical care and some other times it may need a complete removal. Read further to know about the signs which are seen in a tree which denote that your tree is hazardous and an emergency tree removal is needed. Consult GA State Land Clearing & Tree Service, North GA for getting the best tree removal service!
emergency tree removal

Storm Damage

Storms, hurricanes, torrential rains and heavy winds could damage a tree and make it impossible to be repaired. If the structural integrity of the tree is shattered, it may fall at any time and it is surely going to be a safety risk to your family and property. Trees with damaged branches and roots may fall at any time without any warning signs. In order to protect the safety of the people residing near such trees, a local arborist has to be consulted. He would assess if immediate removal is needed.

Diseased Or Decayed Tree

A diseased or decayed tree is very hazardous to your yard because it may also affect the health of other plants. It will invite a lot of termites, carpenter ants, and other unwanted pests. These may creep in to your valuable properties and cause structural damage to your buildings. In this case, removing the tree will be the only solution.

Frequently Lost Branches

Trees may frequently loss branches based on their location and humidity. More moisture and more heat also weakens the branches which tend to fall at any time. It may also be due to some internal issue like a bacterial wetwood. Whatever may be the reason for the frequent falling of branches, it is dangerous to the residents of the house as it happens unexpectedly. It is also a threat to your roof. Hence, it is most advisable to remove such accident causing trees.

Structural Damage

The trunk of the tree acts as its major support system. If a structural damage occurs, it may fall. This affects the growth of the tree and the bark happens to split. Severe cracks may appear along the trunk of the tree. Another disease called heart rot also may occur in some trees. The center flesh rots and turns the wood in to powder. Discolored leaves, growth of mushrooms on trunks, and falling branches are the symptoms of this disease. These may fall at any unexpected time causing severe damage to humans and properties.

Emergency Tree Removal, North GA

If you are in need of tree removal, contact a professional tree service. Do not try to do it yourself because it is really a hectic task. Also, if not done professionally using proper equipments, this may harm the surrounding areas and cause damage to other properties. Seek the help of experienced, licensed and insured team of professional arborists of GA State Land Clearing & Tree Service, Canton GA. We reach your place as soon as possible to attend to your emergency tree service needs. We quickly remove the unsafe trees and give you the perfect solution to your worries!